You need that creative mind, a unique perspective

This sport of freerunning really is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

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Even back then, playing with balls of paper, you could see he could play

Whether you love him or hate him, how much do you really know about Luis Suarez?

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One mind. One Purpose. One Goal

Charles Woodson barely spoke but when he finally did it was to inspire a memorable Super Bowl victory.

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C - NBA Countdown

Counting down the top 8 NBA moments nobody saw coming

Expect the Unexpected

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It was hard to believe that anyone was playing football in this kind of landscape

They train on a floating football pitch and play against their arch rivals ‘Star War’. This is the strange world of Koh Panyee football.

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It’s like being in heaven looking down on earth

The beautiful surfing philosophy of Hawaiian legend Eddie Aikau.

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That was the best I could do, overdose and die on heroin

UFC fighter Court McGee shouldn’t be alive and for eight minutes he wasn’t.

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Posey just got destroyed at home plate!

The collision that left the Giants’ star catcher broken but not beaten.

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Can you imagine life without Steven Gerrard?

A born and bred scouser who was always destined to become a Liverpool legend.

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Aerials are the biggest hoax in modern surfing

Is the air-reverse a passing fad or the next evolution in surfing? The world's best surfers let you know what they really think.

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I kept saying ‘pass it, pass it!’

Lucky he kept possession, as Ryan Giggs went on to score a goal United fans will never forget against Arsenal in an FA Cup classic.

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It's better to be lucky than good

At the 2014 Billabong Pro, the master (Kelly Slater) and the apprentice (John Florence) put on a heat for the ages.

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