Stafford is down on the field and he is not getting up!

How Matt Stafford throws this game-winning touchdown is beyond us.

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Get ready young ones, the old dogs are coming

They might not be in their physical prime, but these guys have still got game!

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I felt like I could touch the roof

Patrick Ewing may have been great but that didn’t stop Scottie putting him on a poster.

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They always say I’m the cheater guy

Danny Almonte set the 2001 Little League World Series alight. There was just one problem – his age.

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Give you’re opponent a nice lump behind the ear

Vinnie Jones knew every dirty trick in the book and used them all.

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C - Trash Talk

The ones who had you beat before the game even started

Play Big, Talk Bigger

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The worst score in English cricket since 1931

The stakes were high for local cricket club Goldsborough. They had a cunning plan to defeat their archrivals.

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By far the most expensive of all baseball cards

The T206 Honus Wagner is equivalent to a golden ticket - but is it a fraud?

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I drink from a well that I did not dig

Meet Charlie Strong, the first black head coach of a Texas sports team.

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She is like a heat-seeking missile

Gabby Price is only 9 years of age but is already being compared the biggest names in world tennis.

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I was on fire. I was hotter than a pistol

The release, the clutch, the adrenaline rush. Jason McElwain, aka J-Mac, set this game alight.

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When it comes to big waves, I found the holy grail

It was the wave that Garrett McNamara would ride all the way into the record books.

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