I was fighting depression

Cam Newton was forced to fight his demons long before he made it to the NFL.

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It would be super fun to jump a dirt bike high enough to base jump from

Whoa. Brad O’Neal just turned one of his wild and impossible childhood dreams into an awe-inspiring reality.

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Outstandingly crap...More crap than usual!

You've never met a world champion like Bill Bankes-Jones. As you'll see in the following story, there's a good reason for that.

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Dream Team

The best stories from the greatest team ever assembled


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Did it tear my ball sack?

At Pipeline in 2008, Josh Kerr’s dreams of fatherhood were put to the test.

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LB you gotta play man, you gotta play!

After a decade of going head-to-dead, two legends would come together in the twilight of their careers.

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We shook hands on a contract…

Come inside one of the most controversial transfers in Premier League history. What happened behind the scenes between Roy Keane, Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United?

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I’m terrified!

No amount of planning can prepare you for this. Watch as Espen Fadnes takes flight.

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They expect we will watch a man die on a field

What if an NFL player got hit and could never get up?

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I wanted to be like him, I wore the same number as him

The best of the rest speak in awe of the greatest.

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We didn't open up his chest and look at his heart

Scouts have never been so wrong. The incredible story of Tom Brady.

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What the hell are you doing?

Harry Redknapp had thought he’d seen it all, then his midfielder, Martin Allen, strolled into the dressing room wearing pink boots.

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