I refuse to get controlled by fear

One of the most popular men in road cycling shares with us a story of pure grit and determination. That's exactly what Jensi is all about.

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I was running around like a chook with his head cut off

A surfing champion who won it all, but then lost everything through substance abuse addiction. See the incredible story of Tom Carroll.

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That just shows you what courage can do

Watch the story of Michael Sam, the recipient of the Arthur Ashe award for courage in sport.

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Cricket stories

Raise your bat to some of cricket's unforgettable moments


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Do they really know what to do with all that money?

The BPL is the single most watched sport in the world. But some worry that the league is losing touch with the fans.

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I used it to become the leading scorer in the history of the NBA!

The NBA’s all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, built his offence around the ‘sky-hook’ shot. Today, however, it is rarely seen.

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Can you even skate?

They have attitude, talent and love skateboarding. For these gnarly girls nothing else really matters.

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I’m gonna be the craziest dude in NFL

Will “Gronk” ever grow up? Does anyone want him to?

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I'm a very strong, powerful woman

World records and gold medals are all part of a days work for Anna Meares. But it hasn't come without hard work off the track and in the gym.

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How cool is that - we originated this handshake!

Watch a sporting event today and chances are, you'll see a high 5. But where did the iconic slap of hands start?

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Tour de France

Cycling's most historical(... and controversial) event

This is Le tour

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he looks like a guy from outer space

L’Americain. LeMonster. LeMond. See how one man brought amazing change to road cycling.

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