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You are going to be Mr. Irrelevant for the rest of your life

This special group of guys reveal that being the last man picked in the NFL draft isn’t really all that bad.

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Every fight this guy has a trick!

The Japanese fighter who took on MMA’s most famous family to become "The Gracie Hunter".

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That’s why that man is my hero, that’s not physically possible

After an accident that left him paralyzed, how is it that Doug Henry can still pull this off?

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C - All Star Memories

Relive the best of All-Star Weekend

NBA All-Star Memories

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Do whatever you need to do to make things right

Family means a lot to Brian shaw - a message passed on to a young Kobe Bryant after the Lakers claimed the 2001 NBA championship.

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The Football Association are putting nothing into these kids

It’s arguably England’s finest football factory. So why isn't the governing body willing to help them?

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I like to showboat, I like to talk and I like to play

The cocky Irishman takes you through his path of UFC destruction.

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Kicking is the same over and over, perfect for his disability

In a world where Anthony Starego struggles to fit in, the football field is one place he knows he belongs.

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I don’t think anyone had any idea what would happen next

After being brought together in the worst of ways, two boys formed a bond that would endure through any disease.

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i promise you i cried more than he did!

Not even cancer could waver Dylan Rebeor’s love for the Columbia Lions. He became his team’s inspiration. Their mantra - Fight like Dylan.

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They reportedly took cash prizes for big plays

At this university, pulling off a big play meant earning much more than just a pat on the back.

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We made it all the way from the Coney Island

Before Ray Allen became the all-time 3-point leader, he was Jesus Shuttlesworth.

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