When he was 16 he was the best player at Everton

The man who first discovered just how special Wayne Rooney could be.

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I’m so mean I make medicine sick!

Experts had written him off. Too old. Too slow. The stage was set for Muhammad Ali to show the world he truly was ‘the greatest’.

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I’m 94 years old, how can I be the best in the world?

750 gold medals. 37 world records. Yep, Olga was an athlete like no other.

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C - baseball

An inside look at the quirkier stories from America's Pastime

A whole 'nother ballgame

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Did you see that crossover? Unbelievable

Will the move that made D-Rose famous still be there for his return?

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I get to come in, look cute and be a badass

The ferocious world of Roller Derby is certainly no place for any man.

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This is really the guy who’s teaching me how to BASE jump?

This is how Felix Baumgartner came to meet the Yoda of BASE Jumping.

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I looked up and was like ‘oh f***’

When Mark Healey dropped in on Mavericks he knew he’d made a mistake.

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I’m Fly Williams, the best to ever play this game

Every court, in every city there’s that one legend who’s name you’ll never forget.

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My dad was one tough son of a b**ch

The wild and whacky stories of the greatest daredevil of them all, Evel Knievel.

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At the end of my workout I was in tears

Just how far will Dwight Howard go in pursuit of an elusive championship ring?

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He is a football genius

Thierry Henry continually leaves his teammates in awe.

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